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Throughout the years we have taken over a lot of companies and APK Group has developed immensely. This has enabled us to step up our expertise in various sectors. Nowadays we have everything it takes to build a Smart City. From construction to maintenance, from telecom to infrastructure.


APK Group connects people, companies and administrations. We produce a total package.We accomplish this by a future-oriented construction of roads and install utilities, networks and data cabling. In addition, we take care of the management of the networks. We offer various services, which can be divided into three pillars: connecting, unburdening and maintenance. This we have been doing for the last 50 years with more than a 1.000 congenial colleagues already.

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Our dynamic team is our most precious asset. Hence, we constantly train our employees and stay up-to-date. In addition to our warm working environment, respect for every individual is one of our priorities. With the expertise of our team, we are developing an innovating and sustainable infrastructure, for society and industry alike. We aim to guarantee minimal undue discomfort and keep man and environment in mind. We constitute more than the sum total of a number of specialised activities in underground and above-ground construction. Our synergy advantage reveals itself in projects as well as service works for energy distribution, water supply, data-telecom, sewerage, road construction, earth removal, recycling, environmental techniques, prefabrication and high-rise buildings.Other construction companies also appreciate our expertise. Consequently, we also sell construction machines, recycling materials, controlled drillings, concrete works with sliding formwork, shipments, source drainages and signalisation of building sites.